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Wei Cheng graduated from Gansu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine with an MD degree in traditional Chinese medicine, then worked for ten years at Gansu College’s affiliated teaching hospital as a registered doctor, specializing in traditional Chinese medicine practice. Dr. Cheng left hospital work to pursue and MBA degree at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand, with a special focus on the management of health care facilities. Dr. Cheng returned to his primary field of Chinese medicine to receive a Ph.D. degree from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the area of classical Chinese medicine. Since 2013, Dr. Cheng has worked in the U.S. as an instructor of traditional Chinese medicine and as a licensed acupuncture practitioner.  

Thomas Finnegan earned his Doctor in Chiropractic from Northwestern Chiropractic College in 1989 and went on to earn his Masters of Business Administration in 2010, his Master of Science of Management in Healthcare Management and Management in 2013. Additional education and honors include: Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress; Diplomate, American Association of Integrative Medicine; and Fellow, American Board of Disability Analysts. He has also served in the United States Air Force as a medical laboratory technician. Dr. Finnegan has been a local and national guest lecturer on the topics of insurance fraud and educational success. Dr. Finnegan practiced chiropractic medicine on Long Island, New York for 16 years while also investigating medical insurance fraud. In 2004 he returned to Minnesota as a full time educator. Dr. Finnegan maintains a small active chiropractic practice.

Ingrid Hsu received a B.S. degree in psychology from National Taiwan University, a Master of Arts degree in Counseling of Student Personnel Psychology from the University of Minnesota, and a Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Ms. Hsu is a licensed acupuncturist, and has maintained an active acupuncture practice since 2008.

Yubin Lu received his medical training at the Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, earning a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and Ph.D. degree in traditional Chinese medicine. He has served as an Associate Professor and Associate Dean at Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the U.S., Dr. Lu served as the Academic Dean at the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for fifteen years, and as a professor at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.  Dr.  Lu’s  academic  specialties  include Chinese  medicine  theory,  Chinese  herbal  medicine,  classical  Chinese   medicine   texts, and  pulse  diagnosis.  In addition to being a gifted instructor,  Dr.  Lu pursues research on the application of acupuncture and Chinese medicine to the most commonly-seen health conditions, and he is the author of more than seventy books in this field.  Dr.  Lu’s  flair  for  teaching  and  comprehensive knowledge  of  traditional  Chinese  medicine  attracts  many  acupuncture  and  TCM graduate students  to  his  courses  and  seminars.

Dona McGlennen graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.A. degree in psychology. She graduated from Minneapolis Community College as an R.N., and obtained a Nurse Practitioner degree from the College of St. Catherine. Dr. McGlennen received a Master’s degree and a Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Dr. McGlennen is a licensed acupuncturist, and maintains a small acupuncture practice in addition to sharing her extensive knowledge and experience with students as a clinic supervisor at AAHW.  

Ning Wu earned her PhD in traditional Chinese medicine from HeiLongJiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and was nominated as a “National Academic Inheritor of Chinese Medicine Leading Experts” after 12 years of training. She has more than 25 years of experience teaching and practicing TCM at the First Hospital affiliated with HeiLongJiang University, and at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Longhua hospital. Dr. Wu has attained two additional doctoral degrees in acupuncture and Chinese medicine since coming to the U.S., from South Baylo University in Los Angeles, and from the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Minnesota. 

Siming Yang graduated from the Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with an M.D. degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1982. In 1988, Dr. Yang received his Master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine under the guidance of Professor Xiao Zuotao, a recognized expert in traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Yang also served as Chief Director and Associate Professor at the Hunan University of TCM. He has contributed extensive publications to journals of Chinese medicine in the areas of clinical observations, experimental research, and the theory of Chinese medicine. Dr. Yang has co-authored several textbooks which are used in Chinese medical schools in China. In the U.S., Dr. Yang has more than twenty years’ of experience as a researcher, TCM instructor, clinic supervisor, and acupuncture practitioner.

YuLian Yang earned a Bachelor’s degree in Western Clinical Medicine from the Health School of Yueyang in Hunan, China. After moving to the U.S., Dr. Yang graduated with a Master of Science degree and a Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Dr. Yang is a licensed acupuncturist and is the owner of Minnekyda Acuherb Center. 

Xiping Zhou received his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in acupuncture from HeiLongJiang   University   of   Traditional   Chinese   Medicine   in    Harbin, China. Dr. Zhou brings more than 25 years of experience to his practice, and has helped thousands of people worldwide through his comprehensive healing program which incorporates acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and therapeutic Chinese massage. He has developed a strong expertise in treating   sports injuries, chronic pain, infertility, and post-stroke patients. Dr. Zhou’s accomplishments have been recognized in many local and national media. He was featured in the Isthmus in 1999 and in the Wisconsin State Journal in 2004.