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Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer

AAHW welcomes students who wish to transfer credits from other educational institutions. Transcripts or course evaluations must be sent directly from the educational institution or evaluating agency to AAHW’s Admissions Office. Students who wish to transfer credits into AAHW’s program should arrange to do so during the admissions process and should complete the process during their first trimester of attendance.

Transfer credits are only accepted from accredited institutions of higher education; course work taken at an unaccredited institution will not be considered. Course work taken at an international institution of higher education will be considered for transfer credits if the institution is approved or accredited by the Department of Education of the country in which the institution is located, and if the transcript has been assessed by a recognized evaluation service. AAHW does not accept vocational or life experience for transfer credits.

Students may be required to take a challenge exam before transfer credits can be awarded, based on the following circumstances: If course credit was earned more than five years prior to admission to AAHW, the student will be required to take and pass a challenge exam for that course in order to demonstrate retention of course content and competencies. If a student has attended an accredited institution and has taken classes in a subject within the previous five years, but the Academic Dean is not satisfied that the student’s course work fulfills AAHW’s requirements, the student will need to take a challenge exam in the equivalent AAHW course.

Master’s Degree Programs:

The minimum credit requirement to matriculate at AAHW is 60 semester credits or 90 quarter credits of education at the baccalaureate level. Students may only transfer in credits which are in excess of the minimum credit requirement for admission.

Transfer credits will not be considered for courses in which the student received a grade lower than “C” or “2.0.” 

Students must complete at least one half (50%) of their total credits in AAHW’s curriculum. No more than 50% of total program requirements will be accepted as transfer credits. Of that 50%, no more than 25% of clinical training requirements will be accepted as transfer credits.

DAOM Program:

AAHW will consider a request to transfer credits into the doctoral program from another, accredited institution at the baccalaureate level or above. Transfer credits will not be considered for courses for which the candidate received a grade lower than “C,” 2.0, or 70%. Candidates must complete at least two-thirds (66%) of total program requirements at AAHW.